Forthcoming Events

Event Date Event Class
Sunday 14th October Unaffiliated Dressage (Points)

Intro C
Walk/Trot C1
Prelim 13
Prelim 18
Novice 24
Novice 27

Sunday 11th November Unaffiliated Dressage (Points) Including Championship Presentations

Walk/Trot C3
Walk/Trot C4
Prelim 7
Prelim 12
Novice 28
Elementary 50


General Information

1. INTRO / PRELIM CLASS - Open to any horse/rider with no more than 49 British Dressage points.

2. NOVICE CLASS - Open to any horse / rider.

3. Entries close 1 week prior to competition. Late entries accepted with a £2.00 charge.

4. TIMES - available 2 nights prior to competition between 7pm-9pm. Call 01543 262145 or on the website.

5. For dressage rosettes will be given to 6th place.

6. For show jumping rosettes will be given to every clear round.

7. Classes will be split senior/junior if entries permit

8. All juniors to be a minimum of 8 years of age.

9. Clear round entries close 30 mins before end of class.

10. Walk / Trot tests C1, C2, C3 and C4 only available from Curborough Equestrian by sending a s.a.e. or via email.

11. Phone entries will be taken on the condition withdrawals are paid for.